Frequently Asked Questions

Causevest donation platform lets users support good causes around the world.
A campaign is a fund raising activity set up by operators or causes to solicit support and donations for the causes they love
A cause is the end of a donation. A campaign is the activity set up by operators to solicit donations for a cause
The end beneficiary of a donation can register a cause in their name.
Anybody can create a campaign for a cause. Including, the cause itself, and operators.
You can track your donations via your dash board. When you have donated to a cause, you will receive notifications as they execute and provide audits on their progress bar.
An operator is anyone or institution who helps to support and maintain the platform. Internal operator maintains the integrity of the platform by carrying out due diligence on causes, campaigns and operators. A supporter operator (Individual or corporate) supports and solicit support for causes they love.
A corporator is a private business. A corporate donor who has set up a campaign to raise funds for a cause they love. They may do this by enticing their customers to donate to their chosen cause, through their campaigns for perks or rewards.
You can get rewarded for helping others when you have found and helped register a cause or set up campaign for a cause worthy of donations. As the cause operator, you receive a proportion of the causes donations.
Causevest donation is an optional donation a donor makes when he choses to send donations to causevest foundation. Causevest foundation invests from this pull and redistributes profit to causes . However, the donor can vote on set which cause receives his donation as he wills
Donation in perpetuity is when an established cause (mostly charities) choses to receive donations continuosly, non-stop.
A cause is anything that you believe should be supported. It could be a charity, your favourite author, a petition, band, a volunteer or even yourself. The network coin holders, as a collective, decide which cases receive capital, but anyone can set up and create a cause that is eligible for donations.
The Network solves a wide range of problems but 3 core issues are as follows: 1. We incentivize altruism – In a world focused on maximising short term profit, there is no reward for doing good. We stand out because our platform incentivises users for doing good 2. Causes that go unsupported get spotted and funded. There are many charities out there and that attract a lot of funding, but we also support smaller, often unseen causes. We specialize in finding causes that are sometimes overlooked. 3. Our technology provides clear audit trails – ensuring that funds don’t get siphoned off, while also reducing the burden on charities and causes to upload data
The idea that we as people can create new systems that quite literally are designed to incorporate altruistic activity in everyone’s lives, whether they realize it or not and whether they like it or not.
Instead of rewarding miners, we reward operators who help support and maintain the network. We also reward users who hold full nodes. Ultimately we incentive actions that support the Causevest network and encourage altruistic activity automatically via the protocol and semi-automatically via our platform.
Any cause listed on our network can raise money and receive donations. They can offer products in return for services or accept smart donations that have additional covenants attached to them.
We have a passionate team of developers, operators and crypto enthusiasts. You can see them here
It refers to an XCV holder voting for a cause they would like to get the causevest top up donations. Voting units of the XCV holder is counted against their XCV holding
XCV Votes have greater influence on the distribution of budgeted funds for causevest top up donations
kIndly follow this link to buy XCV
Covenants are the conditions and standards are a donor stipulates a cause must fulfil before his donation is unlocked to the cause
Covenants are completely at your prerogative as a donor
Participatory budgeting, is decentralised budgeting where the community rather than the leadership only decides what should receive how much funds. Budgeting based on the wisdom of the crowd
Causevest top up donation is the additional funds causevest distributes to causes as the donor community directs via their monthly votes
Funds from causevest foundation investment profits and network profits
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